��o �Z� Mercato - PSG : Ça se confirme pour ce gardien de Tuchel ! bradley geller. La saison 2012-2013 du Paris Saint-Germain est la 39e saison consécutive du club de la capitale en première division. Zi~Ԡ�B�x�}0������*D3�T�[��ƣ� ���+PI�"�0���"�$U�6{J��3���td��3��j �e��Jw�m��:����'���m��5�xm� f��gt-��,9àS�ht�ul��h~��2�8�0�3��F�$���Ӻ��>7��L�{y�N�J�ht�ֳ�'n�i��Ift�q�/��-��;$���n����:���DO�y��y�q��|`�K���r.j�Kn��;�7�(m��gLc����C��F㮦"�3{�E��V�l�A#p�@�ն��#��1 Æ��BN7tx':�?����`���` >�bt*%����k�? ;R�����,P?ŧ[&��0�Qev��`X�=g!T�W�^97�HM�}�1h‰��zg?Aɤ�Q�9T+��|D��`F�cīB�(��`��ؓ[ړf`zm��Clhm��9,[���lw���z~^ {@i��Ol���X��*�I�"�$.a_��N������c��A~��w��1 �2��!���쑫h�n��7�U��(�~�QN5s��>������0 La réponse !Mercato - Barcelone : Un renfort à 18M€ bouclé pour Koeman ?Mercato - ASSE : Une nouvelle polémique en interne dans ce dossier brûlant ?Mercato - ASSE : Ça avancerait pour le départ de Wesley Fofana !Mercato - ASSE : En quittant le PSG, Adil Aouchiche avait une idée précise !Mercato - Barcelone : Messi reçoit un énorme conseil pour son avenir !Mercato - Real Madrid : Pogba prêt à prendre tout le monde de court ?Mercato - Barcelone : Xavi, Pochettino... Une piste se dégagerait pour l’après-Sétien . Publié le 15 août 2020 à 23h15 par La rédaction . )�{��͏PNw�����i$�������׻"���q�wḁW�8V�������q]����00�S��DRR�/�̀�G0`;�`��&�D�����V�%~��^i���ԵQ���M[�3�Թ�8$���Վ~n�7n��Zg�h�74 �C��?9��y֍}�3f�|`���g9��b� n�9��4~G��BD?b=��\1�t�Q��?=��s_�砾4�`9~��3��#�ݘ_\פ���Pbnb��;���J�{��k4����� >���?���������7�0�o�lU6Yoc��c�����:�b�G||WK�C��˰��9 %�1�zwʁ��I��m�����z`K%���3Ԅ�^LE}�\��^_�}B��q �>��:Z� O����O|���;%ػ#�Y�:}�O��;�k'�G��c���l�>�ʉ��`�Ħ'�G7=�'���i1'�����ɭ�>Qo7܃y������C5�Hc�S8⸧�6����T{x�;��OW[u�ǒ9E�[|_V�{���z8�oo~����-R�}w0v>YQN���.�+\���a�io��֙[v������w�Y�� :��u�Rtv@|���A�G��v������($�]|�u��r9������%��dU#]?W�`>%���`� ۝����ȥU���A� �#2�&ág!��T�@鴛)��-Q_��pk�)N��#���y� %��\�:QpL(Qp\���M"2^�~[��j�|~�� ��7� endstream endobj 2171 0 obj <>stream PSG are not European champions but they might have at last earned the continent’s respect.Available for everyone, funded by readers.© 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. endstream endobj 2172 0 obj <>stream Juventus have made the same discovery throughout their history. Thomas Tuchel and his players made mistakes against Bayern Munich but should leave Lisbon with their heads held high.Bayern’s intensity and power told after half time, the Bundesliga winners showing the ruthlessness PSG so clearly lacked. However, largely thanks to Tuchel, they seem to be grasping what is required at this level. h��S]KQ~�|�q]kV��e[�e�E�$(F���d�p%F All rights reserved.squandered a four-goal lead against Barcelona in 2017. h�Ԙ_o�6�����Β,Y2p(�d׭��+.�n@�/��`�$>���Gʢ,;N�z"�2%Q?K��Jƙ6e�=SH3,�O*�`��,�X�4K�s�ra�$X*%��%S)��LZ�ic,�K.g�i�/�������N���ݻdr9g��}�L����n]��ل��x���k>�\1��'��}.��U���Ver��-��_��uQ�ɢpv�mcw~~�1�q��~QV5\fɬ��X.�j�e2��lTg)7�ŪxܳT%���N7_�δ�N+ù���i/��r����r]��u���YշNw]��+Ԁ����Ϧ���խ���]Y/�h�X����p�\��j��T����d^��1�ab[ty��֛]���ƍW�{��j�yXV�ɧe5�����b��׳�b�쾣 ?����7�Z'�Ͽ���-,��,�}?�O�;��R�����Lk�4��v�? With the team rallying around their coach, their star players investing in the club’s progress, a more considered recruitment policy and this ballsy run to Champions League final, the PSG project is starting to carry some weight. D�ɟ�źkV:��fb�`B�'-�Du!���hD� Depuis 2011, le Paris Saint-Germain a utilisé neuf gardiens, de Sirigu à Navas en passant par Buffon ou Areola. Although mistakes were made by both players and coach in the final, PSG go into the 2020-21 season in their strongest position since QSI took over the club in 2011.PSG have started to overcome their mental fragility and find balance in an unbalanced team. PSG : Keylor Navas de retour à l’entraînement Le gardien parisien, blessé à la cuisse droite depuis huit jours, a retrouvé les terrains ce jeudi. Manchester City’s oddly familiar quarter-final defeats show as much. ���ڂ">? ;#�"c[�E�m�zBkT��Ç 2]�Vb]�d�Pl^�Jq����'�rhCw��E�Yc�'go^���9�'��tN]nk�����^�/S�߸*Vyol�'. The manager and his players are improving quickly on all fronts.The journey to Champions League glory is meandering, nuanced and often baffling. l��N2�X��Ђ� �}��,8;�82�E���z01����!����6�z���Q�J=X�W�`y�2`_d�:�VkG�u4Us��R�m*�;����vUC���Ͷ:�I�z4�rV㍠�����94�D��v�@t���[��L`�������Ű^�X�^���/b55��j��$���9έ���c���Vnޚ8Ⱥ�n�%ƣ��N({2e0��k�(ޞ��@����%Sp#�! Perhaps he was influenced by fitness concerns – although he said before the final that both Marco Verratti and Idrissa Gueye were ready to play. Ángel Di María blazed over. }�(6�ɶagpjo���i*==��&��"�i�h}\ G����&������x�y._ݯ���S_���ykK8�9�-}8jS�Q'��P�DZ�>>�G"�=�P5��Ǭƈ�aߤ�O=��e}�1�������h����#�h�$j�D��(Ui�#h%r7�^i�OS��O��*��l�@0њ�*+Y�a�RJ�����B�_�^! μ���{��#���*�K|aV\�iB_Q��ű����̙y5�$�F�LE��FQ�����K����r�B�c���m�/�,)�%|Z�&Y�Tq=�W���b��N?�.�����E8���{㙆� �Lw'�Ő�߁��~��� Ez�PQB�=�c�%�}o�g�֑�Ҭ�t"�/Y�v���������w�"gt�,T8�����{5�a�V��(�}_5� r�qȅ�oɠ�ٗ��3dp\�(mq�"���Y8fPU&t��O�T�����`�B��@�H2 L�h��&��k)(�`�)������2I��Dg�M����9m-��t��3��y�� x��S�������|�3��|~Ff�������0Ը�qt~�Ӡ�q ��O�V0�lk=? ����eo�R����)�k���҅R "�7Qa3p��!Zs�]Nttwm�S�IC���]9�����?��z�$�5�G�%�n�ɏ���L�T:�:N�.z�'���B�z�f�5%�X����ݩ�Ꮭ�C&���p�_Y/�.k�:އF[}摗�7�a͆���9̦�]sQ�����K������h��C�x_�������$T��s���62��[�]@���yU �[o�0�C)�V�fΥJ�k5��KMS�c���~Xk�����0��낵ON3�ffj���YWԯ)�����$��3#&k���~��t�����=�d�+Č�pK��͆c�L�����LS�U2"Ҽ�� ��>�E�g&SȢ|��8fhÁ0��:N��ʀ��*#sR/Z�(xe��)��;� ��:�QH�ء1VU^�()�3����)-�1b�\��TRC@�Y^|�r�������(œ2�x�T ��7S�����fzF���VDeh�Us,�^jV@�\��T>Ͻ5 �I�T���[5gѳ� 2181 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<0C40A8E19D8CFF4CA1921AB12A360758><7B27116EF703F34C9CDC1E1FC0DFE9FA>]/Index[2167 29]/Info 2166 0 R/Length 78/Prev 1075460/Root 2168 0 R/Size 2196/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream endstream endobj startxref Now, though, they have at least shown that they belong at this level.Having cantered past Real Madrid in the group stages at the Parc des Princes without Neymar and Mbappé, having ousted a dangerous Borussia Dortmund team over two legs in the last-16, having battled their way to the final in Lisbon, and having largely matched a Bayern Munich side fresh from humbling Barcelona 8-2, it’s difficult to argue that Tuchel’s incarnation of PSG do not deserve their place among Europe’s superclub elite.Although the loss to Bayern will be frustrating, their progress should not be overlooked. Mbappé’s effort was weak. PSG are not European champions but they might have at last earned the continent’s respect. Chelsea learned the same lesson when they lost the 2008 final in front of their owner in Moscow and had to scrap their way to the trophy in 2012. Cette saison est marquée par l'arrivée du fonds d'investissement qatari QSI (Qatar Sports Investments), filiale de QIA, qui devient l'actionnaire majoritaire du club avec 70 % puis 100 % des parts et succède donc aux anciens actionnaires de Colony Capital. � *�|=��״�>t�j��JRqU�g�Qr[��xo�1�)qqM��|���D����E\B�Z�F�Q�a�g��Q��)����Zٹg��è��˳�t������j�lB��;�������A�eձ_�Z�ī{G�he��t��7�z���H|z"�~�����z�q�5���f�rk��B@��N��l�bKM�E:�y��~˝M�AZ,�G������6��N)�I Although Munich’s grip tightened as the night progressed, PSG created sufficient openings to win the game. �3�T@����!��+� :�-��I�s��%����δunpX�r�OiR L�j=k�{�[��"�%���H�@" F1��R���'��`���`�"a��w"%Hks������" �� ,# g�:X��'�e���������"�¶�Α�������o�C�����iKXG9�B�Z��9"� � �wn�a�DŽE?�{hKX�".�v��$�껀U�/Gf����Xv�h��0�#q��9���|����tD�Z�v����'�,����� �`�,��C�n�/H,�,٘^o�_V�:�eX Neymar’s tearful reaction at full-time and his intense (if somewhat ineffective) performance show he cares. Tuchel has cajoled Unai Emery’s fractious collection of haughty individuals with a history of wilting at pivotal moments into a genuine team. As a result, they may have finally achieved their most desired goal, which has bubbled under the surface from the start. endstream endobj 2168 0 obj <>/Metadata 268 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 2140 0 R/StructTreeRoot 303 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 2169 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Type/Page>> endobj 2170 0 obj <>stream �3��"��X�R#���n�\���rvmV 0�\���HqAᥣ�Va�v��v��*�?��V9�M7a��N� s�k��=�Ț�{2��o�Y��Vs�.F�F`�X^/���lC����{�!�.���7/���+`с���kV�YD4"��.&�N~�)\���u1�(W�_�^���ue�\��5��. QpՠB���D�&�,$2T�vU^H�E�P,�H�A�E�Mu�lZ����y?��7� G�K P>�����H��@�l2 ��A��?�Ph+�B��d�\G��7�+\�]�����6���Wb��3���N�0�/@�����Y�uoTK 4Az7v.� %%EOF �o�V��?����}��Az��d肒���ؗ�~��^�t#>�f��Q��@��²� 9����#�e �m�b^ michigan state long term care. Winning the trophy is not as simple as many owners assume when they buy a club and explain their “project”. They have been organised, harmonious, streetwise and increasingly steadfast. They did not achieve their ultimate goal but should leave Lisbon with some semblance of honour. They all could – and perhaps should – have scored.Tuchel also has reason to be rueful this morning, having retained both Ander Herrera and Leandro Parades in midfield. And even Real Madrid, the most successful club on the continent, had to navigate through various pitstops in their search for.The fact that PSG lost a final to a goal scored by Kingsley Coman, a PSG academy graduate, is a stinging example of the club’s early naivety under QSI’s ownership. (����jr�Sr�}ų $�A�(�ȫI��d?�Kl�Q�9%��*X�J� ���������cRɽ���u}F)�=/. Prêté au PSG cette saison comme doublure de Keylor Navas, Sergio Rico ne devrait pas être conservé. Tuchel and his players have grown as a unit. La saison 2011-2012 du Paris Saint-Germain est la 38 e saison consécutive du club de la capitale en première division. Barcelona and the greatest player of all time have discovered how tough it can be across three similarly embarrassing European exits. H��WK�e� ��U� ��H}9� ��K0�x0� UE}:�tuy$�ߢ���3������g6�(��3{�@)�9�A�M�v�J4�~P\YH6�gɆ��L������vP+���ݑ6�~м_�:hݯq���ŷ}Q� kۏp۾�kG_�������Dڇ�E� h��Ǝ)N�1�� Z��� � ZB;Z�X�P"}�ڃS���Az��v@׶ʵU��P��U�\�p��Y�P.�fT�k�lゴ��WzJ�����h��t� �fԀ��kȩ�x�7�TKc��(D(���@3�@7j�?��� �5�$M��M�e�2��(��{U� �(�ID�1W��4!�6���1�._̹��4*�\eMO %m����Ж b�]�OSnlpm��I��!�RF|ȲEeC��)��AQ��4z13�Nns�� ��两SPki�WI����bg庢�MR)��B����ʃ�7u���#Ի.�BtSI��\����*Yb�Zׅ�>��rH�R��p�읂O������[�8���|RU߆q�h�/��ġ�qa�1km\�.���>.v�2YLK{�j�,�֖�Ķ5/�z2�b�U}���vR�t%Ke��VTW�Tr=�OM�d���R��6O)weH��Ő�eh�zH�ҕ���a��z���A��k�ٴ@=����Z�=?����cP��{�2q�P���)���cQC�CUR�H�GhRLF2)l��M)�"Y�b���I�iQ�:��͛ʻ��䨤�I{Mt5E���9��2�d�蓙O�_E�_5ĽlH�.�%��K ��i�i���q�z��I���А��Q4�hd��i�)́LaQ tenth edition, 2012 . H��WYo� ~ׯ�� ݮ"�H�|$������'�@�8�f��W=�&z����"Y<>�nNWo~Y~����o����������ۯn��-,�}��՛��-~9��*��:Z��6W��`+e9��:,��?��>��!�7�nY��C]N�/l�I�W��U,�������9ma�ى�,�m��r����B��B�K|�v?������no�����[��pOk���t�=Y̲�(�y�iC��Y�ڵ3�����Cb_����o�Ǖ��+��|=�d��q͇wBc��=�S�"�]?���+�̹���-9}�:E?���lH�G+ΖN^��[:��N�嗥�ҳn5��TR�q�L��Č���L]��j�J�9�CP7L~Y�o!R�����X�Å��U���>)�3���� k{Eܩ�Gj�8�#�BA*[��[�����r:�Ç�Tϧ�a:kZ1�V�i�y+{�\H����5:.�XW(T��@��Ί߱g*�K�q��=�Dz�r��� g�A���/��_@]x�L e�����lm����������ㅽ�ď&� ��0Rڻ �����Ŗ��~��AP� !�>�o �"�q�;��wf��D-$RN�j�>}���{}3����9�Ϥ�yov�B��y�?b��j3�=u��FBjQu~��������������#>||M?_�! Herrera and Parades had shone in the 3-0 win over Leipzig, but Verratti is undoubtedly PSG’s creative midfield force and Gueye’s dynamism has been central to some of their most impressive victories in the Champions League this season – most notably against Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid.Although Tuchel and his players will regret much of the final itself, the last month has been a productive one for the club. *%4@�k�JÃ>QOF/I���V�>O93RB���2�Br2��m���\��-��v�_�ӏH�i J[sN������_��L�`����9�'��*�O�O�'GG~� �楥������c��"�-��sp[`o?4�ߕ-���{�N2.3� �o�K�aI9տ%m]p{?���~T�xΉ���%��,�Y�n��BԹ1A�!�]ANEIM��nC*R��D���f.�v��\.V���(�G1�\/��S\�ʷ���>�s��g�$0���.�?�j �]����[�9?�0�-�?������Q�䜖������|S��9�Al4!�/?�D!��K�q�qΣ�w��h�e��+� 0 m.�s 2167 0 obj <> endobj What seemed a risky decision at kick-off, now seems deadly. (v�__�cHt�44���u��.E�Q�*]է�^}��=��F�/)��Qk�N�MW��0)�}���0iNմ�}�����뇻=j�*hj�.�|b�n�z��B�����+��8Ʉ�I� ��aW|���H��\��� dH9�����i�C�O��?�ʹ�>���v�.��q�������e����_I��.��`�+$�6����i��-��J����+U���� M�8jN����?��H?����Z��5`�"�Ge��b4"8�,?�'&����$�t&�IL�`D��Q�%1CX�f! Neymar was blocked by Neuer’s Peter Schmeichel-esque outstretched foot. The PSG project has always been deemed a strictly financial endeavour by many (even though both Manchester clubs have outspent them in terms of net transfer outlay over the last five seasons), with the source of their resources and stigma of being from “new money” leading to gleeful howls of derision when they fail. Cette saison est marquée par le retour du club parisien en Ligue des champions, et de l'obtention du titre de champion de France, le troisième de l'histoire du … ombudsman program 0 %PDF-1.5 %���� 0�`�d�؏ �w����i������O��M����� ���m�||DFwD>. Retrouvez leur classement suivant le nombre de matches disputés. 2195 0 obj <>stream • This is an article from Get French Football News … So too was Marquinhos later in the second half. �M�bz���"Q�4Q_�B�^$�i���e�@&p Perhaps he wanted to be loyal to the players who won the semi-final against Leipzig so convincingly. h�bbd``b`9$;AD�`�Q@B���qC���Q�DT �@�IHd&201r�Y���0 �2* ��fA呸MGߐ� o^���F�g�����@|���p����#�b���ɝ��0:� *��NC)��~j�� ��"L�u�;݌ @7X����`�`��ȋ������Z��x�T�B����ݡG�B���F�U���z����^�7��w��痋��I#�����,���|}��Q��ߦ������������4���]��DCQL�t����ϗZ�����'O*��jq�_ Indésirable à Séville, une nouvelle piste s’est ouverte pour le portier espagnol.Mercato - OM : Le recrutement d'André Villas-Boas est-il terminé ?© 2008-2020 - le10sport.com est un site de la société 10 MEDIAS.Mercato : Wylan Cyprien toujours plus proche de Bordeaux ?Mercato - PSG : Un joli coup à 0€... signé Thomas Tuchel ?Mercato - Real Madrid : Nouveau coup de tonnerre dans le feuilleton Cavani ?PSG/OM - Polémique : La presse espagnole lâche une bombe dans l'affaire Neymar/Alvaro Gonzalez !Mercato - Barcelone : Koeman aurait tranché pour sa prochaine recrue !Mercato - PSG : Les deux menaces colossales sont identifiées pour Kylian Mbappé !Mercato - PSG : Un gros coup en Italie préparé par Leonardo ? handbook for guardians of adults. ٺ"SYu�����z�i�J\��T��Y���3x�:`����� ��Rt�FeUXQ9R�]jΈ;sc����r���q�5Ʒ�kFo��=gM�P(�?L�9x��0(�'�A��0�G�i�o��a]�k�fk�/M�)=G��T��|4�Т�Q�y�y�$(zE[�=#���|ρ�}��}�sM�]��p��E La réponse !PSG/OM - Polémique : Racisme, Neymar... Un joueur de Ligue 1 vole au secours d'Alvaro Gonzalez !Mercato - PSG : Dele Alli proche de prendre une grande décision ?EXCLU - Mercato : Le LOSC a reçu une belle offre pour Ikoné !EXCLU - Mercato - OL : Wolfsburg insiste pour Cornet !EXCLU - Mercato : Lecomte (Monaco) et Sa (Olympiakos) sur les tablettes de Rennes.Mercato - PSG : Leonardo en passe de frapper un gros coup à 80M€ ?Mercato - PSG : Après Florenzi, Leonardo tente de boucler un autre renfort surprise !Mercato - PSG : Zidane prépare une offre hallucinante pour Mbappé !Mercato - PSG : Koulibaly prêt à dire oui à Leonardo ?